CHURCHILL FELLOWSHIP In July 2012 Louise was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship for 2012 to study innovative archaeology education programs and travelled to the UK, Belgium, USA and Croatia in 2013. Museums assessed included the In Flanders Fields museum in Belgium, Andautonia Archaeological in Croatia, Jorvik Viking Centre in the UK and Dublinia in the Republic of Ireland.
                News and Events TEACHING ARCHAEOLOGY TO KIDS SYMPOSIUM In May 2012 Dr Louise Zarmati organised the ‘Teaching archaeology to kids, in and out of the classroom’ symposium which was held at The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre in Sydney, Australia. The purpose of the symposium was to stimulate discussion and exchange ideas about pedagogy for teaching and learning archaeology, create a professional network of like-minded educators who teach archaeology to students aged 5-18 in Australian schools, museums and heritage sites. The focus was on pedagogy and delegates were asked to address the following question in their presentations: ‘What teaching and learning methods do you use to teach archaeology to school students aged 5- to 18-years in or out of the classroom?’ It was a great success and a number of the papers from the symposium and elsewhere are currently being organised into a book. Griffin - guardian of knowledge and wisdom